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Earn Money Teaching ONLINE – Get Your 40 Hour TEFL Certificate FAST!

No Gimmicks. No Fluff. Proper Practical Teacher Training To Get You Working.

40 hour tefl certificate

By Dr Michelle Commosioung

So…What is a 40 hour TEFL certificate?

Well, honestly, there’s not one simple answer to this. Since it really depends on the organization providing the 40 hour TEFL certificate and their outlook and experience in the world of TEFL teaching and the teaching profession as a whole.

TEFL Certificate Providers

For some TEFL certificate providers, the 40 hour TEFL certificate is simply an introductory or foundation course to the theories of TEFL teaching, sort of like a “taster” course to decide whether or not you want to actually teach in real-life.

Other providers tout the 40 TEFL certificate course as an entry-level, sort of stepping stone, course that can be done as a precursor to more robust longer courses, such as the 120 hour TEFL certificate program.

It is important to know, right off the bat, that a 40 hour TEFL certificate course will not equip you, nor will it entitle you, to work as a full-time teacher in a school. It is important to understand this fact before commencing on your TEFL journey.

“Think Of Yourself Less As A Teacher And More As A Designer Of Meaningful Experiences” – Norman Eng

What’s the Point?

In fact, I would advise, before spending money on any TEFL course, at all…at all…really think about “why” you want to get a TEFL certificate, and “what” exactly you plan to do with it.

So, for example, if your aim is to become a full-time classroom teacher whether in a school district in your home country or in an international, public, or private school in another country… a 40 hour TEFL certificate is not for you!

You will not be able to get a job in any proper registered school with a 40 hour TEFL certificate. It just ain’t gonna happen!

However, if you want a quick teaching taster course – then read through the descriptions and modules of the various 40 hour TEFL certificates that are available. Each TEFL provider should have their course modules, and each individual unit within those modules, clearly articulated.

It is advisable that you look through these details and make a comparison between the different 40 hour TEFL courses available. Don’t be afraid to speak with the provider to get more clarification about the course.

Check for accreditation and teaching credentials legitimacy, and “taste” away.

Want to Start Earning Money?

Now, if the whole point of you doing a 40 hour TEFL certificate is for you to start earning money – then…let’s talk!

The right type of 40 hour TEFL certificate for you to do to start earning money straightaway, is one that focuses on teaching English online.

Listen, with all of the things happening in the world at the moment, it is important to be able to work online and to be flexible, and… to be able to work anywhere in the world with a laptop, internet connection, and your skills and talents!!!

Thank goodness for the technological advancements that have allowed this type of flexible working framework. The demand to learn English is growing exponentially and with improving technological structures, platforms, and software, globally, online learning has also grown exponentially, and is, of course, super convenient for both students and teachers alike.

40 hour tefl certificate

The flexibility of working online is amazing. 

As is the ability to have a “work anywhere” lifestyle.

Heck!!! Did you know that Barbados are offering a one year visa for people who want to work from there? Imagine sitting on the beach…looking at the Caribbean sea…drinking some coconut water (or a strawberry daiquiri ;-))… and earning money while you do so. Who wouldn’t want this lifestyle? I mean…really? Who would NOT want to do that?! Wow.

So, My Question To You Is Super Simple:

Do You Want To Earn Money Teaching Online?

If your answer was a resounding “YES”… then let me tell you about the 40 hour TEFL certificate course we offer.

The TEFL Tycoon 40 Hour TEFL certificate course is straightforward, comprehensive, and will get you up and running to teach online and, to teach TEFL online fast!

The course is ideal for anyone who wants the flexibility of teaching online from home or from anywhere where there’s a stable internet connection.

40 hour tefl certificate

Why am I so confident about this and what makes the TEFL Tycoon 40 hour TEFL certificate course unique?

The TEFL Tycoon 40 hour TEFL certificate course was developed by fully certified teachers with many years of in-class and online teaching experience.

The course includes 3 hours of “live” and interactive teaching, delivered by qualified teachers and university professors who have decades of in-class and online international teaching experience. In addition, students get 3 hours of online practice teacher training included in the course.

To read more, click here.

TEFL Teacher Tip:

You do not just have to teach English online with this certificate. If you have a subject specialism, you could also tutor non-English speaking students needing homework with your subject specialism. So, for example, tutoring a math student from China or South Korea.

Want to hear more?

Check out my YouTube video below where I talk about the course.

Want to speak with me directly?

If you want to speak with me directly, Join Us For A “Live” and Interactive Webinar Q&A Session, simply click on the GREEN BUTTON below the video register for the webinar.

At the end of this 40 Hour Online Teacher Training Course where We Train You to Teach Online – TEFL Tycoon graduates are trained to be the primary teacher or tutor in the online classroom… and, we even help you get your first online job!!

Make sure you check out my YouTube video below where I explain a bit more about the TEFL Tycoon – 40 hour TEFL course.

I look forward to speaking with you soon!

40 hour tefl certificate
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